What the heck is this site?

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One More Page helps you find out how long it would take to finish a book. You can also use it to measure how much faster you’d finish a book if you spent more (or less) time reading.

How do you calculate how long it takes to read a book?

We calculate the reading length of a book by taking your reading speed and measuring it against a book’s total word count. For example, if a book has 100,000 words, and you read at a pace of 200 words per minute (wpm), you’d take an estimated 500 minutes (100,000 words / 200 wpm) to read the book.

How accurate is the information on this site?

Where possible, we take word count data from Project Gutenberg or other external sources. If this data isn’t available, we use the page count of a book and assume an average of 300 words per page. We retrieve other book data from The Open Library, Google Books and Amazon.

I found incorrect book data on this site.

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This site sucks. Reading isn’t a sprint.

You’re totally right! Reading isn’t about sprinting through a book or racking up a book count to hit a new year’s resolution (unless you want it to be).

But if you’re ever curious about how long it would take you to read The Fellowship of the Ring, or how much faster you’d read Infinite Jest if you spent an extra five minutes a day reading, or even how long it would take you to read Dune if you only read for one a minute a day (the answer: a little under two years), then you’ll find this site helpful.